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Experiences and Experiments of Women to Get Comforts During the Treatment of Breast Cancer

"l use to feel very hot during chemotherapy. I use to sprinkle water on my body.
I use to apply paste of back and white clay on my head for 15 to 20 minutes."


"There was no hair loss during the chemotherapy. It may be because l started to drink one glass of fresh juice of gooseberry (Amla) every day even before the chemotherapy was started.

"After completion of chemotherapy, in very short time my white blood cell increased significantly. It may be because I use to drink fresh carrot and beet root juice regularly "

"During chemotherapy, I use to feel nauseating. There was tremendous loss of appetite. I used self suggestion technique, which helped me a lot. I also used to take “Hingastak” (traditional herbal and mineral mixture). "

"As per my doctors advice. l drank lots of water during chemotherapy. This provided great relief "

"To increase my blood hemoglobin, I used to eat over night soaked dates and dry grapes.”


These are personal experiences of breast cancer survivors. Many have consulted experienced vaidya or homeopathic doctor to get relief from side effects of breast cancer treatment.

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