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Your Contribution in Fight of Breast Cancer
As a Breast Cancer Survivor

  • Do not consider breast cancer as a stigma. Enjoy and move freely in society.
  • Do not avoid questions related to breast cancer by friends & relatives. Provide them clear & correct information on breast cancer
  • Meet other breast cancer survivors and exchange experiences and information.

As a Doctor

  • Acquire correct and scientific information on breast cancer regularly
  • Discuss about breast cancer with women having breast cancer and provide timely and correct guidance
  • Sensitise your self with social factors related to breast cancer
  • Create facilities and congenial atmosphere (privacy) for diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Assure future cooperation to breast cancer patients
  • Do not treat breast cancer if you cannot remove axlllary lymph nodes. Refer the patient to a cancer specialist.
  • Display posters of breast cancer in your clinic and hospital.

As Corporate Sector

  • Provide information on breast cancer in simple local language to all men and women workers. Arrange regular seminars and diagnostic camp on breast cancer.
  • Allocate some part of your profit to the fight against breast cancer.

As a Manufacturer of Cosmetics

  • Include a pamphlet of breast cancer with cosmetics or print messages regarding breast cancer on the cover of your products.

As a Voluntary Organization

  • Organise seminars and discussions on breast cancer
  • Print and widely disseminate educative information through booklet or pamphlets in the local language.
  • Establish links with organizations working against breast cancer
  • Sensitise various strata of society towards Women's health and star; movement for women's health rights.

As a Media Person

  • Print lead articles presenting social attitude and positive outlook on breast cancer.
  • Popularise self-examination of breasts by providing information regularly.
    Broadcast and telecast breast cancer related messages.

As a Policy Maker

  • Give special attention to breast cancer in programmes related to women's health and medical education.
  • Make the information on breast cancer available in different local languages.
  • Create facilities for breast cancer detection and treatment and allocate budget to maintain them.
  • Join hands with organizations working against breast cancer.

As a Woman

  • Do no, neglect your health.
  • Perform breast self examination every month after the age of 20 years.
  • Get mammography and examination of breast by a trained doctor or nurse regularly after age of 50 years.
  • If you find a lump in breast, immediately go for diagnosis.

As a Man

  • Women are pillars of any society. Take interest in women's health concerns.
  • Be aware about breast cancer.
  • Your informed and positive attitude is necessary for the early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Your cooperation and support is necessary to complete treatment of breast cancer
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