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What are Breasts?

Breasts are mammary glands, which secrete milk. As a girl enters puberty, they grow in size and become fully developed in adulthood. They develop further during pregnancy. The size and shape of breasts are different among women. The shape of breast changes with the age. In men, they remain undeveloped throughout the life span.


There is a layer of fat between skin and muscles in our body. Breasts develop between the two layers of such fat. Each breast is a group of 15-20 grape like glands, which secrete milk. Each gland opens independently in the nipple through a milk duct. During lactation, the milk glands secrete milk and through the milk ducts, it flows out of the nipple.

What is Breast Cancer?

Symptoms of breast cancer are like any other cancer. Generally the cancer manifests in milk gland or duct. Occasionally it also manifests in the fibrous tissue supporting the breast. Breast cancer manifests in different forms. The common manifestations of breast cancer are:

  • Red secretion from nipple, at times it may be yellow.
  • Hard, painless lump.
  • Change is size or shape of breast.
  • Change in colour or feel of the skin of the breast areola or nipple (dimpled, puckered or orange skin.)
  • Ulcer on breast.


Note :
Breast cancer usually occurs in women. The rate of breast cancer in women is 100 times more than men.

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